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Masterpieces, a continuing source of inspiration.

Thanks to the agreement signed with the photo agency of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand-Palais (RMN) and its millions of high-definition photographs of works of art, the field of possibilities is vast. Reproductions of works on display in the most prestigious museums in France are available to you.

Printed wall and ceiling systems can come to life in your architectural projects thanks to very high-definition digital printing. Whether in reproductions of photographs, drawings, paintings or extremely sophisticated graphic patterns, the unique rendering of colours, perfect contours and precise graphics will allow boundless creativity.

Suitable for restaurants, hotels, business or private spaces, the very wide range of Arketex textile finishes gives designers a free rein.

The luxury of textile decoration

Arketex textiles can be printed in high definition in seamless widths up to 5 m and additionally boast acoustic properties, thus improving the sound atmosphere of busy restaurants, lobbies, hotel rooms and foyers. They provide unparalleled acoustic comfort and a stunning decorative effect.

A collection of illustrations and exclusive graphics creations is available for all your projects.

While renovation conventionally requires extensive work and interruptions in use of the premises, Arketex stretch ceilings and walls can be installed quickly, with no mess, in a single day. They are fitted at room temperature with no rubble or dust, and do not make it necessary to move furniture.

Fields of application

Printed walls and ceilings adapt to all types of markets:

• Refurbishment and new build
• Homes, houses, apartments
• Cafés, hotels, restaurants
• Offices, lecture rooms, passage ways etc.
• Commercial premises, stores, shopping centres etc.
• Public spaces, meeting rooms, games halls etc.
• Wet and/or chlorinated atmospheres
• Medical facilities, schools, child care centres etc.


Printed fabrics from the Arketex range are available in very great widths (up to 5 m), with a number of finishes (Classic, Acoustic, Luminous, Arkelin, Canvas etc.).

Our latest-generation UV LED digital printing technology (5 m width) allows the high-definition reproduction in millions of colours of photographs, graphics, drawings or even the finest art works in our museums.

You can select images from the Arketex collection of creations, which we manage and develop for our customers. Our graphics studio will take charge of sizing the images for your rooms.

This printing technique also allows us to offer solid coloured areas to measure.


Printed technical textiles are the ideal solutions for all your walls and ceilings.

An exclusive and tailor-made decoration
• Acoustic comfort
• Quality and strength
• Quick installation
• Peerless appearance
• No dust or rubble
• Value for money
• No more cracks or blisters
• Long lasting
• Seamless
• Thermal insulation
• Environment - HEQ standard
• PVC free