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Arketex is an innovative concept that uses textiles for architecture and decoration.

The systems designed and developed by our company in Alsace open a new dimension in the designing of walls and ceilings, offering an exciting alternative for conventional materials.

Available in matte white or a range of colours, in very great widths (up to 5 m), they can adapt to all settings and projects, for business and home use.

They are installed at room temperature, with no need to heat the room. They are guaranteed to be free from PVC, and are lightweight, precise, quick and easy to install, offering unparalleled flatness and finish.

For homes and commercial buildings, in new build and refurbishment projects alike, Arketex products can be suitable for every project and every room. Each Arketex product comes with all the required quality and safety certificates.

Thanks to their innovative installation system, they can change a room into an aesthetic and functional concept in record time, with no rubble or dust.

Classic range

Fields of application

The ceilings adapt to all types of markets:

• Refurbishment and new build
• Homes, houses, apartments
• Cafés, hotels, restaurants
• Offices, lecture rooms, passage ways etc.
• Commercial premises, stores, shopping centres etc.
• Public spaces, meeting rooms, games halls etc.
• Wet and/or chlorinated atmospheres
• Medical facilities, schools, child care centres etc.


The technical textiles of the classic range are available in a large number of colors and finishes.

Digital UV printing does not affect the acoustic properties of textiles. The technology makes it possible to reproduce photographs, drawings, designs or the finest art works from museums in millions of colours.

You can select images from the Arketex collection of creations, which we manage and develop for our customers. Our graphics studio will take charge of sizing the images for your rooms.

This printing technique also allows us to offer solid coloured areas to measure.


Arketex systems are the ideal solutions for all your walls and ceilings

• Acoustic comfort
• Quality and strength
• Quick installation
• Peerless appearance
• No dust or rubble
• Value for money
• No more cracks or blisters
• Long lasting
• Seamless
• Thermal insulation
• Environment - HEQ standard
• PVC free