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A product for the future

Arketex is proud to release Arkelin for walls and ceilings, a true revolution in architecture.

As a valuable alternative for conventional ceilings, Arkelin is acoustic, environmentally responsible, made entirely in France from the plant to the final fabric, and addresses all particular architectural needs and building standards.

A highly virtuous plant makes this an environmentally-friendly product par excellence. 80% of the world’s flax crop grows in Normandy, demanding neither water nor inputs. The linen is woven in the Vosges département, and then delivered to Arketex in Mulhouse for creative and engineering work.

After months of testing and a stringent approval process (testing of application, fire resistance, acoustic performance, fastness of ink and absence of deformation over time), Arketex is proud to present its new range of technical textiles for buildings.


Linen, the oldest textile in the world, is now the most fashionable, greenest and most innovative plant fibre of the day. Linen is a French product par excellence. It does not generate waste and grows naturally, nurtured only by rain, wind and sunlight. It is biodegradable, breathable and strong, and is an excellent sound insulator that is perfectly suitable for eco-construction and interior fittings. Arketex gives you an opportunity to be part of the environmental revolution in building thanks to Arkelin, a perfect alternative for conventional material to finish your walls and ceilings

Fields of application

Linen adapts to all types of markets.

• Refurbishment and new build
• Homes, houses, apartments
• Cafés, hotels, restaurants
• Offices, lecture rooms, passage ways etc.
• Commercial premises, stores, shopping centres etc.
• Public spaces, meeting rooms, games halls etc.
• Wet and/or chlorinated atmospheres
• Medical facilities, schools, child care centres etc.


Linen range textiles are available in many colors and finishes.

Printed fabrics from the Arketex range are available in very great widths (up to 5 m), with a number of finishes (Classic, Acoustic, Luminous, Arkelin, Canvas etc.).

Our latest-generation UV LED digital printing technology (5 m width) allows the high-definition reproduction in millions of colours of photographs, graphics, drawings or even the finest art works in our museums.

You can select images from the Arketex collection of creations, which we manage and develop for our customers. Our graphics studio will take charge of sizing the images for your rooms.

This printing technique also allows us to offer solid coloured areas to measure.


Arketex linen is an ideal solution for all your walls and ceilings.

• Acoustic comfort
• Quality and strength
• Quick installation
• Peerless appearance
• No dust or rubble
• Value for money
• No more cracks or blisters
• Long lasting
• Seamless
• Thermal insulation
• Environment - HEQ standard
• PVC free